Јеff Ѕeѕsiоnѕ Fuming, Аftеr Nеw Drug Ѕtudy Сomрlеtеly Рrovеѕ Нim Wrоng [DЕТAILЅ]

Donald Trump, if he could, would replace dumb ol’ Jeff Sessions in a heartbeat. You can tell there’s an obvious distaste for the Attorney General, that Trump has a hard time hiding. And we understand his frustration, to a degree.

Donald only hires people to be in his inner circle, if they are willing to flawlessly execute his evil bidding – with as little, to no error, as possible. However, ever since Jeff Sessions became Trump’s Attorney General, it’s been a cavalcade of blunders.

One of the most frustrating things about Jeff Sessions is his misguided hatred toward marijuana, and its legalization. It’s a naturally occurring supplement that the scientific community has more than embraced – especially in the realm of medicine. It can even be used to combat opioid addictions. But don’t tell that factual information to Sessions – he’ll just deny it’s existence, and present you with fraudulent information to support his outdated mindset.

Sessions was enraged to learn that a study this week showed a positive result from having marijuana legalized in areas of high opioid usage. Specifically, the study said, “Overprescribing of opioids is considered a major driving force behind the opioid epidemic in the United States. Marijuana is one of the potential non-opioid alternatives that can relieve pain at a relatively lower risk of addiction and virtually no risk of overdose.”

Boom. Kinda hard to argue facts – but we’re sure dumb ol’ Sessions will find a way. Like the true moron he is.

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