BRЕАKING: Мuеllеr’ѕ Lаtеѕt Findingѕ Јuѕt Ѕеt Тhе Impеаchmеnt Prоcеѕѕ In Моtiоn (DЕТАILЅ)

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, always at the forefront of news that concerns the special counsel investigation of Donald Trump and the Russian election interference that landed him in the White House, is back on Deadline: White House with an explosive new report.

According to a former federal prosecutor, Ms. Wallace says, the recent Washington Post report that said Trump was a “subject” but not a “target” of the ongoing investigation does not necessarily let Trump off the hook by any measure of the imagination:

“A former federal prosecutor told me: Mueller’s report doesn’t preclude Mueller from indicting literally everyone else but Trump will be dealt with just like Ken Starr dealt with president Clinton … The report puts the impeachment process in motion.”

It’s clear that Robert Mueller has no plans — yet — to charge Donald Trump with a crime, primarily because we are in uncharted territory, and it isn’t exactly clear that a sitting president can be charged with a crime.

But, as Wallace indicates, the bigger part of the story is that Mueller is preparing a separate report on Trump’s actions since he’s been in office, which will lead to a separate investigation for Obstruction of Justice.

That will lay the groundwork for impeachment proceedings against Trump better than any lawsuits over the emoluments clause, better than looking into the rampant nepotism, better than the cronyism that Trump has displayed, all of which, while distasteful, are not necessarily illegal.

Instead, relying on simply the admissions that Trump has actually already made regarding when and why he fired former FBI Director James Comey; admissions about motivation for forcing Andrew McCabe from his position at the same federal agency; even whatever Trump tells Mueller in any potential upcoming interview that doesn’t square with facts or reality — all of these things should be enough to sink Trump’s presidency before he has a chance to do much more damage.

Now more than ever we must ensure that Democrats regain control of, if not all of Congress, at least the House of Representatives.

Watch the report here: