Тrumр’s $100 Мilliоn Dоllаr Dirty Dеalingѕ With Ruѕsiаnѕ Еxрosеd & It’ѕ Ѕhаdy Aѕ Неll

Donald Trump just oozes corruption out of every pore in his body. He has connections to the mob, ripped off charities, allegedly paid bribes to stop investigations into his crimes, and has so many Russian connections it’s hard to keep track of them all. Well McClatchy DC Bureau just released a report that shines a light on some of Trump’s dirty dealings with people connected to Russia, and the results point to a lot of suspected money laundering. To the tune of $109 million to be exact.

McClatchy has highlighted 86 instances of Russians or people connected to Russia buying properties from Trump, and doing so using only cash and through shell companies to hide their identities. Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and a former federal prosecutor, said:

‘The size and scope of these cash purchases are deeply troubling as they can often signal money laundering activity. There have long been credible allegations of money laundering by the Trump Organization which, if true, would pose a real threat to the United States in the event that Russia were able to leverage evidence of illicit financial transactions against the president.’

While it’s not illegal to purchase property with cash, when it happens it raises red flags with law enforcement because that’s one of the top ways to launder money. It’s especially telling when one pays more for a property than the property is worth.

Most of us have enough intelligence to know corruption when we see it, and these 86 deals most definitely look corrupt.

It’s for certain that Robert Mueller has spent a lot of time looking into this matter, and it will be great when he lets the rest of us in on his conclusions. Could these suspected money laundering cases be what sends Trump to prison? Only time will tell.