Аnа Nаvаrrо Јuѕt Did It, Dеlivеrѕ Hеаrtwаrming Меѕѕаgе Аbоut Dying Ѕеnаtоr Јоhn МcCain

President Trump attacked Senator John McCain once again this week, over his no vote on a bill that would’ve repealed Obamacare, infuriating several Senate Republicans, including McCain’s closest friend, Senator Lindsey Graham.

I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Graham said during an appearance on CNN this Thursday. “I think it doesn’t help the president,” adding, “It hurts the President more than it helps him.”

During a rally this Thursday in Wisconsin and earlier in the week, in Graham’s home of South Carolina, Trump slighted McCain for his vote

“We did repeal and replace Obamacare,” Trump declared Thursday in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, CNN reported. “Unfortunately, one senator decided to put the thumb down late in the morning. And that was not a good thing when he put that thumb down.”

Trump argued that the Senate was one vote away from repealing and replacing the law last July when McCain voted “no.” However, the vote was on a “skinny repeal” a bill designed only to repeal specific elements of the Affordable Care Act.

And it still needed to push through the House-Senate conference committee and gain final approval in both chambers.

Graham stated firmly the concerns of many Senate Republicans, who have defended McCain in past. McCain has been away from the chamber since last December as he has been battling brain cancer, CNN reported.

“John McCain is my dear friend,” Graham informed the news outlet. “I disagree with him on the healthcare vote, but I respect his right to make that decision. If anybody has earned the right to vote their mind, it’s John McCain.”

CNN contributor Ana Navarro also came to McCain defense in a tweet this Thursday: