“I’m Willing tо Bеt…Nunеѕ iѕ Hеаdеd tо Fеdеrаl Priѕоn”, Ѕаyѕ Тоp Lеgаl Еxpеrt

Congressman Devin Nunes spent several months running around Washington acting very strange. He used his role as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to interfere in the Trump/Russia probe, and even got removed from the investigation, which caused him to launch his own rogue investigation into clearing Donald Trump.

New evidence now suggests that Nunes was in on the Trump-Russia conspiracy from the beginning, and Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor, thinks Nunes is going to be arrested for it.

Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor and one of the most widely respected legal experts in the U.S., tweeted “I’m willing to bet @krassenstein is right: Nunes is headed to federal prison.”

Tribe didn’t get into any more than that, but it’s not hard to figure out what led to this statement.

The most likely scenario is that Trump put Devin Nunes on his transition team in hopes that he would help protect him against the House Intelligence Committee when they came digging for evidence.

Flynn was illegally conspiring with the Russians during the transition period and the transition team knew about it, which has been learned by recent reports. Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has proof of all of this because he now has the Trump transition team’s emails. That means there’s a VERY high chance that Mueller has Nunes on the hook.

Bill Palmer points out, “This would make Devin Nunes guilty of conspiracy against the United States. That consciousness of guilt would also help prove that Nunes’ subsequent attempts at sabotaging the Trump-Russia investigation were in fact obstruction of justice. Nunes could try to cut a plea deal. But with bigger fish Michael Flynn having already cut a deal, it’s not clear that Nunes would have anything of value to offer prosecutors. No wonder Laurence Tribe thinks Nunes is headed to prison.”