Тrumр Тrieѕ Тo Теll Аmeriсa Ноw Наrd Нe Wоrkѕ, Rеgretѕ It Inѕtаntly

Donald Trump’s “work ethic” has been trashed ever since he stepped foot in the White House. Even his own supporters wish he would get the hell off Twitter and actually start doing at least half the things he said he was going to do during his presidential campaign.

Trump’s earned his reputation as the laziest president this country has ever had. He regularly scurries out of the White House to play golf at one of his properties every chance he gets, has huge unsupervised blocks of “executive time” (which really means binge watching the news), spends days without scheduling a single meeting, and wastes a concerning amount of time and taxpayer dollars on social media. Trump seems to have some sort of allergy to anything that resembles work, a far cry from his predecessor Barack Obama. Maybe that’s why the president feels the need to praise himself with such ridiculous, over the top statements.

Earlier today, Trump sent out a self-congratulatory tweet that would make even the biggest Trump supporter burst out in laughter. Trump actually tried to convince America that they “seem to like the job I’m doing” and that he’ll help the GOP win in the midterms if he can “find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more.” Trump said:

As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I’m doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!”

If he got off Twitter once in a while, maybe be could make the time to help the Republican Party, who desperately need a miracle to save them from the blue wave (not “red wave,” as Trump thinks). Immediately, America stepped in to fact check the president, showing him that everyone knows the only part of him that works in the White House are his little orange fingers: