Мiсhaеl Аvеnаtti Мakеѕ Ѕundаy Аfternоon Аnnounсemеnt Аbоut Тrumр’s Rаlly In ТX Тhаt’ll Мakе Нim Lоsе It

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer-activist who has proved to be a thorn in Donald Trump’s side for nearly a year straight now — so much so that Trump will not even acknowledge his existence publicly — is about to get a whole lot louder.

Sunday morning, Avenatti, whose name you were associating with pointing out the President’s idiocy long before Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani started doing it for him on television, announced that he would be holding a rally in Texas at the exact same time that Trump has declared he would be rallying for his former rival Ted Cruz.

Cruz’ career looks to be coming to a swift conclusion at the hands of a Democratic challenger for November who has closed the gap between them from double digits to a single, unsteady point in the polls. Beto O’Rourke has been savaging Cruz in public opinion polls, and the fact that he’s within one percent of the first-term Texas Senator as early as September looks disastrous for the failed presidential candidate.

Avenatti, however, is coming to lead a rally in parallel to Trump’s, and although Trump is stumping for Ted Cruz, the Avenatti rally is about resistance to the President himself.

Obviously, details are not firmed up yet, but with the President’s ridiculous response to Meghan McCain’s eulogy for her father on Saturday, the nation seems to be quickly galvanizing against the phrase “Make America Great Again” as an insult to how great America already is.

Ironically, many Americans are already saying the word that Avenatti closes nearly every tweet with, although he says it in Italian: ENOUGH.

It looks like everyone’s invited to Avenatti’s rally, whereas non-supporters of Donald Trump’s are generally not allowed into the President’s rallies. So if you’re in Texas and looking for a shindig, this is definitely better than listening to an old man insult Mexicans, women, and John McCain for two hours.